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Organizing Kingdom Death: Monster

I took the opportunity the other day re-organize my Kingdom Death: Monster box.  As is typical, the main issue was that the insert didn’t really support sleeved cards.  However, instead of not fitting the length of the cards as is … Continue reading

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Tabs for High Command

Over the weekend, I finally got the chance to organize and compress my Warmachine and Hordes High Command games. I organized it using my normal tabs (surprise!) and managed to fit all the cards into one large box and one … Continue reading

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New Netrunner Tabs

On the tail end of my Thanksgiving vacation, I decided I was going to make new tabs for my Android Netrunner game. For this tab setup, I wanted to divide the cards out by faction, but also by card type … Continue reading

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Automatic Creation of Tab Separators

As part of my work to organize my Pathfinder ACG box, I found that I needed a way to create alternating tabs in a general way. In particular, a few times, I found myself in the position where I had … Continue reading

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Dominion Box Consolidation

I’ve been playing Dominion for a while, and, as you might expect for a game with nine expansions (I have seven), it takes up a lot of space. Dominion’s boxes and inserts were pretty good – they fit sleeved cards … Continue reading

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Organizing Galaxy Defenders

I’ve been working on organizing my game boxes lately, and some of these projects have been bigger than others.  I wanted to take a moment to talk about how I organized my Galaxy Defenders boxes.  In total, Galaxy Defenders has … Continue reading

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Gaming Box Organization

I’ve been working on three major box organization efforts in the last few weeks. First, I’ve been trying to get my Galaxy Defenders boxes under control – with two new expansions and a ton of promo materials, there is a … Continue reading

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