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I recently bought a new TV, and decided it was time to watch Krull again.  Most people who know me well know that Krull is my favorite movie of all time.  To some, it may only be the run-of-the-mill fantasy-action … Continue reading

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Mad Max: Fury Road

I recently watched Mad Max: Fury Road with Jessa.  I hadn’t seen it, but it was finally out on DVD in the bargain bin, and all of my friends said it was great and that I should watch it.  I … Continue reading

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Quantum Voyage

Occasionally, Jessa and I find ourselves at our local Wal-Mart browsing their DVD shelves for something to watch. More often than not, we end up looking for something that fits our tastes (sci-fi or fantasy), but looks low budget and … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Meme

Just in case you thought my blog was on autopilot, just merrily posting mosaics every week, I am still alive, just rather busy. In any event, I was presented with this meme recently, so I thought I would share. The … Continue reading

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