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Solving the Circles

Occasionally, people come to me when they spot a problem they want to solve and think it might be possible with the application of mathematics.  This is really fun, because it lets me exercise that part of my brain and … Continue reading

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My Alma Mater

I recently got the chance to go to Colorado Mesa University and sit on a panel of other graduates to talk about our current position and educational trajectory.  This was a lot of fun for me for a few reasons, … Continue reading

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A Solution for the Mathematically Inclined

The answer to my post last week is yes. Here’s the quick (intuitive) proof: First, note that  and  is the surface of two spheres in three dimensions, and their intersection is either a circle or a point (we know they … Continue reading

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For the Mathematically Inclined

I’ve been thinking about the following math problem lately (I occasionally get distracted by such things): Suppose you have four points in 3D space, a, b, c, and p, where a, b, and c are distinct and non-colinear and their … Continue reading

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