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Playing a Woman in a Fantasy Game

I recently caught an episode of PBS’s Game/Show called, “Are You Weird if You Play as the Opposite Sex?“.  In it, the host talked about the various reasons people play games as people of the opposite sex, which started to … Continue reading

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Getting Back into Guild Wars 2

Lately, Jessa and I have been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2. The thing that really brought me back to Guild Wars 2 is the removal of my primary complaint about it at the start: the level grind. In … Continue reading

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Printing 3D Pictures

I have a 3D printer, and I’m often looking for cool new things that I can make. Since I’m not an artist nor a designer, this can be quite tricky, and instead I have to rely on my other skills, … Continue reading

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Christmas in July

For Christmas last year, I did a lot of stuff with my 3D printer. For me, it’s a compromise between “hand made” and “doesn’t look stupid” because, well, I’m neither artistic nor very good at hand made. I never really … Continue reading

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