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A Phonetic Alphabet of Board Games

A while back, I was trying to spell something for one of my coworkers, and found that I’m really quite bad at phonetic alphabets.  So, as a matter of pride, I thought I would create a phonetic alphabet of board … Continue reading

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After writing about .hack//SIGN and poking around on the fan wiki, I decided I wanted to find out what was going on in the follow-on games (.hack//INFECTION, .hack//MUTATION, .hack//OUTBREAK, and .hack//QUARANTINE.)  As I mentioned previously, I don’t have any flavor … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Meme

Just in case you thought my blog was on autopilot, just merrily posting mosaics every week, I am still alive, just rather busy. In any event, I was presented with this meme recently, so I thought I would share. The … Continue reading

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