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Playing a Woman in a Fantasy Game

I recently caught an episode of PBS’s Game/Show called, “Are You Weird if You Play as the Opposite Sex?“.  In it, the host talked about the various reasons people play games as people of the opposite sex, which started to … Continue reading

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Empires of EVE

While I missed the kickstarter, I picked up a hardbound copy of Empires of EVE: A History of the Great War of EVE Online  via preorder as soon as I saw it come across, then eagerly waited for my copy … Continue reading

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The Scanning and Location Problem

A couple weeks ago, I posted a math problem that I was playing around with. This problem was born of our some ideas for my new role-playing game, as well as the basic scanning mechanism of EVE Online. In EVE … Continue reading

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Spreadsheets and Databases – Part 1: EvE Online

Since I started playing EvE Six years ago, I have been a fan of spreadsheets. In fact, I never really gave Excel a second look until I started playing EvE, which, thinking back, is rather crazy in it’s own right. … Continue reading

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