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What Sci-Fi Universe Would You Live In?

A friend of mine asked during dinner the other night, “If you could live in any science fiction universe, which would it be, and why?”  I struggled with this question for a lot of different reasons, mostly because I have … Continue reading

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Dune Progress

I have lately been making a fair amount of progress on my copy of the Dune board game.  The Spice Harvest components are complete (though not printed), and I have lately been spending most of my time on The Duel … Continue reading

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The Dune Board Game

I recently started on my game construction project – I’m going to make myself a copy of the Dune Board Game.  This time, I’m going to take the game a bit further than I have before (in both Ian’s copy … Continue reading

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3D Printing – Part 1

At around the beginning of the year, I started looking into 3D printing – what it was about, how it had evolved to this point, what the various options were, and what the workflows looked like. After looking at the … Continue reading

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Building Dune

Over the last couple of months, I have been working on a print-and-play copy of the 1979 Avalon Hill Dune Board Game. I finished it up last week, and promptly sent it off to my best and oldest friend John … Continue reading

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Mosaic-a-Week: Dune

This week I have something a little bit different – rather than doing a mosaic from Magic: the Gathering cards, I’ve done a mosaic from scenes of the Dune miniseries. This was an interesting experiment for me, and exposed a … Continue reading

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