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Arkham Horror LCG Box Organization

With the help of some friends, I recently convinced myself to pick up the Arkham Horror Living Card Game.  I’ve played through a couple of the scenarios at this point, and it’s pretty enjoyable.  It’s different enough from the Lord … Continue reading

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New Operations White Board

This year, during the holiday season, I hatched an idea for a new white board for NSIDC Operations. Our old white board was serviceable, but getting long of the tooth and not as functional as we have needed more recently. … Continue reading

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Printing 3D Pictures

I have a 3D printer, and I’m often looking for cool new things that I can make. Since I’m not an artist nor a designer, this can be quite tricky, and instead I have to rely on my other skills, … Continue reading

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Enhancing Pathfinder ACG

One of the things that I have done a lot since I got my 3D printer is make game enhancements. There are oftentimes things that I can do to make a game smoother, easier to set up/tear down, or better … Continue reading

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Christmas in July

For Christmas last year, I did a lot of stuff with my 3D printer. For me, it’s a compromise between “hand made” and “doesn’t look stupid” because, well, I’m neither artistic nor very good at hand made. I never really … Continue reading

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3D Printing – Part 3

The last couple of weeks, I have talked about how I got started in 3D printing, including setting up my software toolchain, and selecting the 3D printer I wanted to get. This week, I wanted to talk about a project … Continue reading

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3D Printing – Part 2

Last time, I talked a bit about the 3D printing tool chain, and how I determined whether 3D printing was something that I could actually do. This time, I want to talk about something a little different – how I … Continue reading

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3D Printing – Part 1

At around the beginning of the year, I started looking into 3D printing – what it was about, how it had evolved to this point, what the various options were, and what the workflows looked like. After looking at the … Continue reading

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