Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 7

With the violence of the flagstone played out, The Dreamer sought out the nearby village of Orin’s Respite, to better understand the stance of the local people.  When they arrived, they found the village burned, the people dead, and the Harbinger of Menoth waiting for them.  It mattered not whether it was the destruction wrought by the flagstone or the wrath of the Harbinger that destroyed the town; the Grymkin needed no excuse to attack their most hated enemy. Continue reading

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While I wasn’t initially planning on listening to the Second DemonWars Trilogy, I found myself listening to Ascendance when next I got a chance.  The reason that there’s a hesitance for me in picking it up is really that the Second DemonWars Trilogy is really a different kind of story compared to the first, one that, though I enjoy the telling, I’m not sure I enjoy the story quite as much.

Ascendance, in particular though, was a bit difficult for me to get through – and that’s something I’ll discuss after the jump. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 6

Now that the alliances had more formally organized, it was once again time to send the Child out.  This time, she would be attacking a nearby vale that was strategically important to the valley.  Before they even had eyes on the valley, she knew there would be resistance; she could feel the presence of one of the cauldron’s chosen.  She also knew that they would be ready, as the enemy could just as certainly feel Adrik… Continue reading

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Dark Designs

I recently finished Dark Designs, the next Riverworld novel.  Of the three I’ve read thus far, this one is far and away the best – primarily because it keeps things moving in the middle.  There’s a lot going on in this book, and while there are certainly spoilers below, I’ll be looking at it more in broad strokes. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 5

In the chaos following the row at the flagstone, The Child found a contingent of Iosian elves hiding in the ruins nearby.  Not sure whether these may be potential allies for the Grymkin, she proceeded openly.  When she heard the elves form up though and heard their talk of joining up with the Dhunians, her calm façade shattered, and her temper was unleashed. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League Painting 1

For the Narrative league that we’re running at the shop, there is also a painting component, so I have, of course, been painting up my Grymkin so that I can score the painting points.  However, I’ve primarily been blogging my own narrative battle reports, so I haven’t really had the chance to post my painting accomplishments.  To that end, since we have a bye week built in, I’m going to be posting pictures of all my painted models at once, right after the jump. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 4

As the Grymkin headed back toward the Flagstone with their prize, the stone sword of Aelrik, they were intercepted by a small Cryxian force.  Knowing their precious cargo, they knew this battle needed to be decisive, before more foes arrived… Continue reading

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While I was on travel, and just before I got the flu for a week (hence, no blogging), I finished Mortalis, the “bridge” novel between the two Demonwars Trilogies.  This book is my favorite part of the Demonwars saga, and one of my favorite fantasy novels in general.  This is because of the range of emotions that it evokes, and, even though it has something of a complex plot, it has a simple message, and one that I appreciate.

I’ll be spoiling that after the jump. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 3

This week, as implied last time, I was paired against the Circle Orboros played by Harry.  The Grimkin followed Aelrik’s zombie to the resting place of his magical sword, and when they arrived, the Blackclads were waiting for them… Continue reading

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NISE Sea Ice Coasters

As part of my job, I see a lot of Earth science data, some of which is delivered to my email inbox daily.  Even though I’m not a geoscientist by training, I often find myself thinking of things to do with our data in my free time.  One such project was to make some coasters displaying the Near Real Time Ice and Snow Extent (NISE) imagery.

The details about how I prototyped and created these coasters after the jump. Continue reading

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