Periodic Table of Videos

I’ve recently been spending a fair bit of my free time watching the Periodic Table of Videos produced by Brady Haran.  I heard about these from a good friend, and was immediately intrigued – videos about all the elements sounded like fun.  As I started diving into them, not only were they fun, they had a lot of very good information. Continue reading

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Escape Pod

I’ve recently been listening to a lot of Escape Pod to fill the time when I’m doing something with my hands or taking my daily walk. I have enjoyed getting back into audio short stories, and Escape Pod in particular delivers that particular enjoyment with a bit of nostalgia. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League – Designing a Character

This year’s narrative league was intended to be one part narrative and one part game design.  The narrative part was about writing stories about the characters as they made their journey of discovery and rose to power within their respective factions (you may have read a few here on my blog over the last few months).  The game design part was built with the idea of engaging everyone in the group to design a character from a mere solo, through journeyman, and finally as a full warcaster or warlock.

Below, I will show the final rules for each of my characters, and discuss a bit about the game design for them. Continue reading

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Dream: The Kidnapping

I’m at a bus terminal with someone of significant importance to me when they are kidnapped.  As I run after the kidnapper (a tall man in a dark trench coat), I’m intercepted by a pale, bald, hunched, sharp-toothed man wielding a knife.  He pounces on the kidnapper and slices open his forehead, then proceeds to suck his mind out through the cut.

I wake up. Continue reading

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WarmaHordes Narrative League Painting 3

For the last month of the Narrative League, I primarily wanted to get more warlocks and warbeasts done, as well as get the last iteration of my character (and all his gravelings) painted.  As usual, pictures after the jump: Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Apocalypse 2017

This year, the Thanksgiving Apocalypse match was Ian (Adeptus Mechanicus, Sisters of Silence, and Adeptus Custodes) and I (Imperial Knights and dreadnoughts) vs Uncle Clayton (Necrons) and Cody (Chaos Space Marines).  Unfortunately, Uncle Barry wasn’t able to make it this year, so his Orcs ended up on the sidelines, but, with only the four of us, it was actually a pretty streamlined game and a ton of fun. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 12

With Time’s Spire in view, Adrik’s army willingly marched the final miles.  He understood the guardians of this place though, and they would not let their sacred site be defiled so easily.  When he sensed Talus nearby too, he knew that he would be forced to face the toughest that the blackclads had to offer. Continue reading

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The Magic Labyrinth

The Magic Labyrinth, by Philip Jose Farmer, was the next book on my queue, as it was the next book in the Riverworld series.  Dark Designs was hard to follow up, but I felt like The Magic Labyrinth was a fun read – while somewhat predictable, it had a certain flair to it that kept the story going.

This time I’ve certainly got spoilers, so go no further unless you want to hear them. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 11

After his defeat at the hands of the Cryx, Adrik continued South, continuing to pursue Torg.  Though he knew not his destination, Torg’s path cut through many ancient Molgur sites – though the corpses weren’t fresh, their power was not diminished… Continue reading

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Seven Days, Seven Photos

A while back, I noticed a couple of my friends posting black and white pictures about their life.  It was part of a meme to do just that, and, of course, to challenge someone else to do the same every day for seven days.  While I’m not a huge fan of memes, the idea itself sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a shot.

The following is a collection of those pictures: Continue reading

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