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The Cost of Bussing to Work

I currently bus to work daily, but I wanted to figure out exactly how much that costs me (in both time and money) as compared to driving.  Luckily, I have driven to work a few times recently, so I pulled … Continue reading

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Periodic Table of Videos

I’ve recently been spending a fair bit of my free time watching the Periodic Table of Videos produced by Brady Haran.  I heard about these from a good friend, and was immediately intrigued – videos about all the elements sounded … Continue reading

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Dream: The Kidnapping

I’m at a bus terminal with someone of significant importance to me when they are kidnapped.  As I run after the kidnapper (a tall man in a dark trench coat), I’m intercepted by a pale, bald, hunched, sharp-toothed man wielding … Continue reading

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Seven Days, Seven Photos

A while back, I noticed a couple of my friends posting black and white pictures about their life.  It was part of a meme to do just that, and, of course, to challenge someone else to do the same every … Continue reading

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Goodbye AIM

I recently got an e-mail that AOL Instant Messenger would be shutting down on December 15, 2017.  I look at this with mixed emotions – on the one hand, it’s just a chat protocol, one that I don’t really use … Continue reading

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NISE Sea Ice Coasters

As part of my job, I see a lot of Earth science data, some of which is delivered to my email inbox daily.  Even though I’m not a geoscientist by training, I often find myself thinking of things to do … Continue reading

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The World’s Worst Phonetic Alphabet

My last phonetic alphabet was all about games, but this one is really just the world’s worst – a bit of fun.

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Solving the Circles

Occasionally, people come to me when they spot a problem they want to solve and think it might be possible with the application of mathematics.  This is really fun, because it lets me exercise that part of my brain and … Continue reading

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The Impossible

Last week, I attempted something I always believed was impossible: I made Double Divinity by myself.  This may not seem like much, but for me, it was quite the herculean feat, if only as a mental block to overcome.

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That thing that just happened

Doesn’t happen very often – I got sick; with the high fever and everything, so, naturally, getting some updated content didn’t happen here.  Regularly scheduled blog posts will start again tomorrow – apologies for that. P.S. remind me to get … Continue reading

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