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Solving the Circles

Occasionally, people come to me when they spot a problem they want to solve and think it might be possible with the application of mathematics.  This is really fun, because it lets me exercise that part of my brain and … Continue reading

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The Impossible

Last week, I attempted something I always believed was impossible: I made Double Divinity by myself.  This may not seem like much, but for me, it was quite the herculean feat, if only as a mental block to overcome.

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That thing that just happened

Doesn’t happen very often – I got sick; with the high fever and everything, so, naturally, getting some updated content didn’t happen here.  Regularly scheduled blog posts will start again tomorrow – apologies for that. P.S. remind me to get … Continue reading

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Taking a Week Off

Hey all – I have no backlog, and I’ve been doing so much writing for work that I’m a little burned out at the moment.  I’m taking the week to build up a backlog and enjoy the writing I’m doing … Continue reading

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Linearly Related Units and Significant Digits

Last week, I made the claim that the significant digits of a measurement are not dependent on the units that you use to measure.  Today, I want to look at this from the point of view of units that are … Continue reading

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Are Significant Digits Unit Dependent?

A while back, I had a discussion with our development team about significant figures.  Specifically, the discussion centered around where they were going to go to lunch and when they were going to leave.  Someone piped in with, “Right here, … Continue reading

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The Future of Shopping

I heard the other day at work that Amazon would be opening physical stores.  As my coworkers were talking about how they would work, I couldn’t help but think of this old e-Commerce commercial:

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Life is Like a Pair of Cellists

I came across this video as I occasionally check to see what the 2Cellos are up to, as well as if Avicii has any new interesting videos out.  Somehow, this hit the confluence of the two, and I found it … Continue reading

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Some Real Vehicle Metrics

I posted a while back that my car provided me monthly metrics, but that they weren’t quite enough for what I really wanted out of car metrics.  To try to get at what I was really interested in, I picked … Continue reading

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Dream: Giant Parking Structures

I had a dream where I was in charge of helping some colleagues find their way around Grand Junction.  There was some event going on in town (an unspecific place), and they were all intent on exploring afterward.  We all … Continue reading

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