Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 12

With Time’s Spire in view, Adrik’s army willingly marched the final miles.  He understood the guardians of this place though, and they would not let their sacred site be defiled so easily.  When he sensed Talus nearby too, he knew that he would be forced to face the toughest that the blackclads had to offer.

Grave Power (75 pts)

Theme: Dark Menagerie
4 free models

  • The Forgotten – 28 WB pts
    • Cage Rager – 14 pts
    • Crabbit – Free!
    • Crabbit – Free!
    • Gorehound – 6 pts
    • Rattler – 8 pts
    • Rattler – 8 pts
    • Skin and Moans – 15 pts
    • Skin and Moans – 15 pts
  • Death Knell – 13 pts
  • Dread Rots – 12 pts
  • Gremlin Swarm – Free!
  • Gremlin Swarm – Free!
  • Gremlin Swarm – 3 pts
  • Eilish Garrity, The Occultist – 5 pts
  • Lady Karianna Rose – 4 pts

Stones as Bones (75 pts)

Theme: The Bones of Orboros
3 free models

  • Talus Stoneward – 27 pts
    • Druid Wilder – Free!
    • Wold Guardian – 16 pts
    • Wold Wight – 5 pts
    • Wold Wight – 5 pts
    • Woldwarden – 14 pts
    • Woldwatcher – 8 pts
    • Woldwrath – 37 pts
    • Woldwyrd – 9 pts
  • Blackclad Stoneshaper – Free!
  • Blackclad Wayfarer – Free!
  • Sentry Stone & Mannikins – 5 pts
  • Shifting Stones – 3 pts

With a Woldwrath on the field, Adrik figured his first priority would be to slow it down and keep it away, avoid it rather than try to destroy it.  With that, he brought in his Gorehound first, sending it in to attack one of Talus’s Wold Wights and block the Woldwrath’s advance.  His Rattler took on the second Wold Wight, while he pushed his large warbeasts up the center of the field and dismantled the Woldwatcher.  Meanwhile, Talus marched his stones forward, making a veritable wall of stone to force Adrik away.

That stone was not all defense though, as the Wold Guardian came in to bulldoze a Skin and Moans, bashing it back with its huge battering rams.  The Woldwrath came on as well, disengaging from the Gorehound and slamming into the Dread Rots.

Out of the corner of his eye, Adrik caught sight of a lone figure, running for the base of the spire.  Knowing that the battle at hand was a stalemate, he pulled away his Rattler and ran to intercept.  Torg, a single Pyre Troll in tow, had broken from the massed fighting to attempt to reach the stone tower first.  Adrik’s rattler made it to the Pyre Troll, and nearly disabled the beast when Torg charged in and pummeled the Rattler with his massive krielstone.

Adrik knew it was over then, he was no match for Torg who would easily make it to the spire cum tower, the twin of the structure in the Pelligan Shards.  Instead, he threw himself and his army back into the battle, as he was brought here to do!

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