Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 11

After his defeat at the hands of the Cryx, Adrik continued South, continuing to pursue Torg.  Though he knew not his destination, Torg’s path cut through many ancient Molgur sites – though the corpses weren’t fresh, their power was not diminished…

Grave Power (75 pts)

Theme: Dark Menagerie
4 free models

  • The Forgotten (28 WBpts)
    • Cage Rager (14 pts)
    • Crabbit (Free!)
    • Crabbit (Free!)
    • Gorehound (6 pts)
    • Rattler (8 pts)
    • Rattler (8 pts)
    • Skin and Moans (15 pts)
    • Skin and Moans (15 pts)
  • Death Knell (13 pts)
  • Dread Rots (12 pts)
  • Eilish Garrity, the Occultist (5 pts)
  • Gremlin Swarm (3 pts)
  • Gremlin Swarm (Free!)
  • Gremlin Swarm (Free!)
  • Lady Karianna Rose (4 pts)

Trolls of War (75 pts)

    • Torg, Avatar of Fated War (27 WBpts)
      • Sea King (36 pts)
      • Pyre Troll (8 pts)
      • Winter Troll (8 pts)
    • Wrong Eye (17 pts)
      • Snapjaw
      • Swamp Horror (14 pts)
    • Northkin Shaman (4 pts)
    • Trollkin Fennblades (15 pts)

After his larger skirmish with the Cryx, Adrik had suspected he would find an expanded force under Torg’s leadership.  What he didn’t expect was that he had managed to summon and control a Sea King as well as recruit some Gatorman allies.

Adrik proceeded this expanded force with caution at first, striking out with his Gorehound to test the defenses of the group.  He was able to kill a Northkin Shaman, but the Sea King quickly responded to destroy the small beast.  The move allowed the larger Grymkin beasts to get into position deep within the field, however, providing more maneuverability to Adrik’s larger force.

The Trolls decided to anchor their line to the Sea King then, using the Fennblades to front the assault, and allowing Wrong Eye to send his beasts wherever they were most needed and giving the greatest surface for his malignant magics.

Still, Adrik pushed that line with his Skin and Moans and Rattler trying to push into the Fennblades.  Many of them died to the larger foes, but not enough to breach the line and get at the warlocks behind.  Their inevitable counterattack was also hindered though, as the Death Knell’s powerful defensive auras allowed the beasts to weather the assault.  On the other front though, the Sea King had begun to move, and it marked the Death Knell as its target.  As its anchor came in, it crashed through the rickety carriage, scattering wood splinters and corpses everywhere.

Torg decided to make a tactical strike then, maneuvering his Pyre Troll around the battle line to strike at Adrik directly.  The troll managed to hit Adrik then, but the power of the dead provided protection as well as strength, and he was barely singed.  Adrik’s counter-attack was not so easy to deflect, as three Skin and Moans surrounded Torg, keeping well out of reach of his deadly krielstone, Fated War, as they chopped him down.

A sharp crack, like the a stroke of lightning, stopped all movement on the battlefield, and Adrik found that he knew where he must go.  He also knew that Torg was not dead – that the power they had gained in the Pelligan Shards was pushing them all toward the same inevitable end, and they would meet again there…

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