WarmaHordes Narrative League Painting 3

For the last month of the Narrative League, I primarily wanted to get more warlocks and warbeasts done, as well as get the last iteration of my character (and all his gravelings) painted.  As usual, pictures after the jump:

The first thing I did this month was paint my character warlock and all of his gravelings.  This was important primarily because this month is really the only time I’m going to be running this character (except for possibly a more casual game), so I wanted him to look decent.  I had previously painted one of the small gravelings and the medium graveling, so I decided to go ahead and paint up the rest of the small gravelings and the large graveling.  Overall, I like how The Forgotten turned out – I was a bit worried with how I had to attach his scythe (that was an add-on to the model), but the paint hides it nicely.  The large graveling was missing the glowy eyes at first, so I had to go back and touch that up (which didn’t make it into this picture).

The Frightmare was next – another warbeast I use quite often, mostly because it is my only ranged option among my warbeasts.  This one was a bit tricky because I wanted to make sure I did the heads in contrasting enough colors that they stood out.  I feel like I achieved what I wanted to do here, and the beast turned out reasonably well.

I enjoyed working on The Wanderer, primarily because he was a departure from a lot of the other stuff I’ve been doing for these models.  He was similar to Adrik, but I wanted to use more blues than greens with him, and try to mix the sepia wash with something a little less earthy.  I really like how his cloak and boots turned out – they’re a little faded, as though his wanderings have truly been long.

Now that this league is done, I think I’ll be putting down my paintbrush and probably putting away my Grymkin for a little bit.  I really enjoyed painting as much as I did this league, but there have been a number of other things that I’ve been itching to do with my Saturdays, so I’m going to snag the opportunity.  I have one more post planned about the Narrative League, and that will be to show off the various iterations of my character and talk a little bit about how he played, so stay tuned if that sounds interesting.

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