Thanksgiving Apocalypse 2017

This year, the Thanksgiving Apocalypse match was Ian (Adeptus Mechanicus, Sisters of Silence, and Adeptus Custodes) and I (Imperial Knights and dreadnoughts) vs Uncle Clayton (Necrons) and Cody (Chaos Space Marines).  Unfortunately, Uncle Barry wasn’t able to make it this year, so his Orcs ended up on the sidelines, but, with only the four of us, it was actually a pretty streamlined game and a ton of fun.

For my own army, I had a total of 20 models – 6 knights, 13 dreadnoughts, and Leeman Russ at just over 5,000 points.  This made it so that I could run the kinds of models I like (walkers) without having to deal with all the infantry that I’m not so much a fan of.  Also, the low model count meant that I could play at a pace I enjoy while still participating in the larger battle.

Here’s a picture of my force before being deployed to the table:

And, photos of the battle as it went on:

This year is one of the few years in my memory that we actually had good engagement from every army that took the field, and really smooth turns.  I attribute this primarily to deployment – we had to plan our deployments ahead of time (which led to things being quite smooth and avoided mid-game counter-deployment), and every deployment was close to every other deployment meaning there was (almost) always something to shoot.

Overall, I had a ton of fun this year, and think I will again shoot to have even more walkers next year.

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