Warmahordes Narrative League Painting 2

For the second month of the Narrative League, I’ve been working on painting up my Grymkin.  I’ve been keeping up the pictures as I paint everything, but saving everything up for a post on the week between the second month and the final month.  Be prepared for lots of pictures, just after the jump.

Kicking off this month, I painted up my Gorehound – a warbeast that I used in almost every list.  I struggled with this beast because I really wanted it to have more of a blue/black color as opposed to the tan that I have used mostly so far, but I also wanted the tan washed white for the bones, teeth, and tail.  I’m not sure I got what I wanted, but it was close enough for now:

Next, I wanted to paint my journeyman warlock, Adrik, the Forsaken.  This is worth an extra point during the league, and, as it’s my own character, I wanted to take a bit of extra time to make him look as good as possible.  He also comes with two Gravelings – one small (that I painted when he was just a solo), and one medium.  Overall, I liked how they all turned out:

Next, it was time to do another warbeast – this time, it’s my favorite beast, the Rattler.  Like Skin and Moans, I think he turned out a bit too monotone, and the chains turned out a lot more rusty than I really wanted.  I’ll definitely be fixing that in a touchup stage:

Finally, I wanted to paint a warlock, and The King of Nothing was the smallest and probably easiest to paint.  I already had some experience with the tree bits, and the rest was just getting the mushrooms and clothing to look right.  Overall, I was very happy with how he turned out – getting the white speckles on the mushrooms turned out swell, and the whole effect worked out:

More than last month, I think I have a few more touchups to do on these before I’m happy with them, so we’ll see what time I can pull together.  On the other hand, I will be painting the full warlock version of Adrik, so there’s that too…

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