Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 5

In the chaos following the row at the flagstone, The Child found a contingent of Iosian elves hiding in the ruins nearby.  Not sure whether these may be potential allies for the Grymkin, she proceeded openly.  When she heard the elves form up though and heard their talk of joining up with the Dhunians, her calm façade shattered, and her temper was unleashed.

Childish Temper (35 pts)

  • The Child (29 WBpts)
    • Cage Rager (14 pts)
    • 2x Crabbits (7 pts)
    • Gorehound (6 pts)
    • Rattler (8 pts)
    • Skin and Moans (15 pts)
  • Adrik, the Abandoned (5 pts)
  • Piggybacks (9 pts)

Iosian Vanguard (36 pts)

  • Ravyn, the Eternal Light (28 WBpts)
    • Chimera (8 pts)
    • Phoenix (18 pts)
  • Dawnguard Sentinels (18 pts)
  • Stormfall Archers (9 pts)
  • Rhain, the Dark Star (5 pts)

As the Child approached the site with her warbeasts, Ossyan’s soldiers began to fire on the approaching horde with their great bows.  While a few went wide, the Crabbits with their practiced jumps, were also able to intercept a shot that was meant for the powerful Skin and Moans.  When the volley was through, the Child countered by whipping her Rattler into a rage whence he charged deep into the infantry line.  Once there, it laid waste to all those warriors in the area before moving on to leave deep tears in the armored plates of the Phoenix.  The Gorehound also rushed in, spreading the Child’s discord and disrupting the warriors around it.

The Phoenix reacted quickly with a counterstrike, but the shadow of another warbeast manifested behind him, locking him into combat with two foes.  The Dawnguard Sentinels entered the fray then, surrounding the new beast and the Gorehound.  The brought down the hound with their practiced maneuvers, but were unable to bring down the shadow beast.  While the Child was focused on the front line, she hadn’t failed to notice the mage hunter flanking her and dropping behind her line.  She moved closer to the front line then, positioning herself behind her line of Piggybacks, out of the Mage Hunter’s reach.

In doing so, she positioned herself and her Cage Rager for a magical attack on Ossyan.  Focusing her temper on the Dawnguard Sentinel Captain, she slammed him backward knocking both him and Ossyan down as a massive concussion wracked the scene.  Then, she again whipped her Rattler into motion and it  charged the knocked down elf.  Rhain also charged in then, from the other flank, right at the Child.  While the attack did no real damage, the momentary disconnection with her Rattler was long enough for the Dawnguard to sacrifice themselves to the claws of the Rattler, so that Ossyan and Rhain managed get away.

The Child continued on then, herding her growing foes into corner from where they would no longer be able to retreat…

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