Warmahordes Narrative League Painting 1

For the Narrative league that we’re running at the shop, there is also a painting component, so I have, of course, been painting up my Grymkin so that I can score the painting points.  However, I’ve primarily been blogging my own narrative battle reports, so I haven’t really had the chance to post my painting accomplishments.  To that end, since we have a bye week built in, I’m going to be posting pictures of all my painted models at once, right after the jump.

The first model I did was Witchwood, because I really wanted to experiment with a wooden look for my models.  I was very inspired by the stone statue style demonstrated here (http://blackhandpainting.blogspot.com/2016/11/kingdom-death-stone-effect-tutorial.html), and I wanted to see whether it was possible to do something similar with wood.  At the end of the day, I don’t believe that’s going to work in general (I’ll call it lack of skill on my part), though I do like how this model came out:

Next up, was painting a warbeast.  I chose the Skin and Moans first as it seemed like it would be the easiest.  I knew from my experience with the Witchwood, that I wanted to do some blending on the earth tones, and I knew that I wanted to stick with the sepia-toned wash at the end and a metallic-purple on anything seen as glowing.  While it felt a little drab, I think it turned out okay:

A pair of Crabbits were next, and these little guys were pretty easy, but for one thing – I didn’t actually have any pink paint.  I was, however, able to mix something up that worked well enough.  I think the sepia tone wash here really hit the spot, contrasting the bright pink with something a bit more earthy:

Finally, I painted my league solo, Adrik, The Abandoned and his pet Graveling.  I knew I wanted to give Adrik a druid-like look, so I gave him a green cloak and brown pouches and supplies.  I again did a sepia wash, and I really liked how that made a lot of his features stand out a bit more:

Overall, I was happy with how my models came out.  I look forward to continuing the style in the coming weeks, as I certainly have more to paint.

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