Friends Don’t Let Friends Make Monsters

A couple weekends ago, I finished building all of the monsters and nemeses from Kingdom Death: Monster.  This has been on my backlog for a while, but since I didn’t need the models for the expansions my current campaign wasn’t using, they fell a bit further down on my backlog.  Putting together the models for my Grymkin, however, made me decide it was time to get the creepy dudes together.

Pictures after the jump.

First, all of the monsters

Then, all the nemeses

Finally, here they all are together.

After having gotten all of these together, I still really like Kingdom Death’s style for putting together models.  None of these were really a chore, and they all had pieces that went together in a way that was clever or interesting.

If I were to make some honorable mentions, they would be:

The Phoenix – I really enjoyed putting together this model.  It looks cool, and the level of detail came only at the cost of doing the hands.  For this one, I did have to find a guide, but it was well worth it, as getting all the hands in place was actually a lot of fun.  Each hand fits well in its assigned spot and added to the overall piece.

The Lonely Tree – Like the Phoenix, this one had a lot of small pieces that went into particular places.  To get this right, I needed nice close-up images of each part of the finished tree so that I could get each branch, lantern, chain, ribbon, or other fiddly bit in the right place.  But, like the Phoenix, it was fun to do and took a lot less time than I expected.

The White Lion – As the first model anyone is likely to put together in the Kingdom Death line, it was clear that the team put a lot of time into this model, and it shows.  This one was super-easy, and while the other two on my list are super-complex, I just like how this one shows that not every miniature has to be complicated to be cool.

If I were to call out a couple that didn’t really live up to the expectations, it would be the mini-Spidicules and the Sunstalker.  The little Spidicules were quite cool and detailed models, but the construction didn’t really work out – I remember doing a lot of filing to get their legs to all fit snugly, and, with those small pieces, this was more than a bit of a pain.  With the Sunstalker, my objection is a bit different – the model doesn’t actually fit on the base.  While I don’t typically have a problem with overhang, in this particular case, the overhang happens on the bottom of the model, and it’s flat, so what we have is that a flat piece that hangs out over nothingness.  I don’t usually like to do custom bases, but I might have to do something for this guy, which bothers me to no end.

Of course, I’ll have a lot more to assemble when the new expansions arrive, but I figure I have a bit of time before that happens…

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