A Phonetic Alphabet of Board Games

A while back, I was trying to spell something for one of my coworkers, and found that I’m really quite bad at phonetic alphabets.  So, as a matter of pride, I thought I would create a phonetic alphabet of board and role-playing games, just to see if I could.  This, is the result:

A – Arkham Horror
B – Burning Wheel
C – Carcassone
D – Dungeons and Dragons
E – Eclipse
F – Firestorm Armada
G – Galaxy Defenders
H – HeroQuest
I – Iron Kingdoms RPG
J – Jenga
K – King’s Vineyard
L – Lord of the Rings: LCG
M – Mansions of Madness
N – New Angeles
O – The Others: Seven Sins
P – Pathfinder: ACG
Q – Quarriors
R – Runebound
S – Star Realms
T – Talisman
U – Ultimate Werewolf
V – Vampire: The Masquerade
W – Warmachine
X – Xia: Legends of a Drift System
Z – Zombicide

As it turns out, there is exactly one game on this list that I haven’t played…  …Can you guess?

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