I recently bought a new TV, and decided it was time to watch Krull again.  Most people who know me well know that Krull is my favorite movie of all time.  To some, it may only be the run-of-the-mill fantasy-action schlock, but as I’ve experienced this adventure a number of times (both the movie and the book), I can’t help but attribute a certain amount of depth to the story, as every time I experience it, I notice more and different things.

After the jump, a few of my own thoughts as I watched it most recently.

While I usually end up focusing on Ynyr’s character during the movie, this time, I was more focused on Colwyn and Lyssa (not the Widow of the Web, but Colwyn’s bride.)  It occurred to me that the very first scene in the castle is actually the first time the two of them meet.  This always struck me as really interesting because it means that their relationship, love, and plan to marry to unite the kingdoms was formed by letters written to each other.  That those letters and plans continued after the arrival of the Slayers (where travel is dangerous) speaks to their dedication.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tended to perceive the characters of Lyssa and Colwyn as younger.  At the time the film was created, the actors portraying them (Lyssette Anthony and Ken Marshall) were about 20 and 33 respectively.  I’ve never really been aware of the age gap before (whether it was intentional or an artifact of casting is unclear), I think because they both seemed to act a similar age.  When I was younger, they both seemed mature and strong-willed – Colwyn as a competent warrior and leader, Lyssa resists the beast and trades verbal barbs with him.  However, I also see now the seams where their immaturity shows – Colwyn rides into the castle claiming, “I will lead whatever army I have against the slayers, until their gone, or I’m dead.”  As he is being led by Ynyr to the Glaive and the Emerald Seer, he very clearly knows everything, “The Glaive is just a symbol,” “The Emerald Seer?  His place isn’t known either!”  Lyssa has less screen time, but her demure demeanor the very first time she meets Colwyn catches me off guard now – not only does she look incredibly young in that scene, there’s a bit of naivete as well.

Still, the two of them grow so much over the course of the movie.  I can’t help but think of Colwyn, curled on the floor of the castle crying after the massacre by the slayers, compared to him as he holds dying Ynyr in his arms, and proclaiming that they will bury him.

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