Keeping a Positive Attitude

I’ve been struggling lately to keep a positive outlook about my life.  In the past, I used to brush off negative emotions, people, and events as transient, as the main flow of my life was positive and the rest didn’t matter.  I liked where my life was and where it was going.  Lately though, I’ve been extremely unhappy with my life, and so it’s a struggle to focus on the good and not get dragged down by the negative.

I noticed this most acutely when I slipped on the ice the other day.  First off, I slipped and fell on the ice, twice, in as many months.  Before that, I don’t remember falling on a patch of ice in over a decade…  …Now, is it actually true that I didn’t fall on the ice?  I don’t know, but the fact is, I don’t remember it, because it wasn’t important – if I did fall on the ice, it was such a minor occurrence that it didn’t even make it into my memory.

I want that back.

The last few months have reversed that filter on my long-term memory, and I have trouble remembering the good, while the bad just hangs around and drags me down.  That being said, I’ve decided to expend my energies to bring myself back around to the positive, to focus on the good, and leave the bad behind me.

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One Response to Keeping a Positive Attitude

  1. Sometimes that trip on the ice is just what we need to get things back into prospective. Keep your head up, things will get better in time.