Dream: Giant Parking Structures

I had a dream where I was in charge of helping some colleagues find their way around Grand Junction.  There was some event going on in town (an unspecific place), and they were all intent on exploring afterward.  We all caravanned up to Island Acres park, as they all wanted to see the river and not the desert.

Once there, they wanted to know where we could get some food, and how close it was.  For some reason, I suggested that Parachute was close (and the map on my phone confirmed that it was 2 minutes away).  I offered to go check it out and find out what kinds of food we might find, and drove off.

Once I got there, there were these huge towers in the distance.  I stopped at a diner and it had a scale model of the town, complete with these giant parking structures which were the towers I saw in the distance.  Each of these structures had a restaurant on top, and were extremely elaborate.  One structure alternated parking with hotel rooms, another had a mechanism for going up or down the structure that was timed in a way that if you were going exactly the speed limit, the ride would be perfectly smooth and you would never have to stop.

As I was talking to the proprietor of this particular restaurant, the rest of the group caught up and we discussed the merits and flaws of giant parking structures over a pretty amazing meal.

I don’t remember who paid.

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