Warmachine Journeyman – Wrap up

This week, we wrapped up the Journeyman league by awarding the destroyer award (for winning), creator award (for best painted battlegroup) and journeyman award (for best sport).  While there we no Warmachine Journeyman games this week, I have pictures of all the submitted battlegroups and my own panel of rank patches after the jump.

For the destroyer award, there was a tie coming in to the wrap up: both Ian and I had three destroyer points.  This would typically require a face-off to determine an overall winner, but instead, we decided to go with win/loss record as a deciding factor.  This provided Ian the destroyer award with seven wins of twelve games (a win/loss ratio of 58.3%) compared to my eight wins in fifteen games (for a win/loss ratio of 53.3%).  Nice job Ian!

Next was the battlegroup painting competition – for this, I have pictures:


Here, Garrett, Ian, and I were the three that submitted battlegroups for the competition.  I had my dwarves painted up in Khador colors (and for some reason, my Driller is very camera shy), Garrett had his Khador painted up to look extremely damaged, and Ian had his Cryx painted with magic crackling across their hulls.  For this, we had all the folks in the shop casting a blind vote (whether they were part of the league or not), and Ian’s Cryx took the prize.  Nice job again!

Thought I didn’t win the prize for best painted army (and, really, Ian’s painting is far superior to my own), I was very happy that I managed to paint a model for each week of this tournament.  That was a major goal for me coming in to this tournament and something that I really challenged myself on.  That I actually managed to pull it off, made me feel good enough to put my models on display for this competition.

Finally, the Journeyman prize for best sportsmanship was another blind vote, limited to those who took part in the Journeyman league.  In this, I was voted as the best sportsman.  I was extremely honored with this prize, as it epitomizes how I try to be and how I strive to play the game.  Thanks to all in the Rogue’s Roost Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman League for honoring me with this prize!


That’s the last of these particular Thursday blog posts for a while – I certainly hope you have enjoyed reading about the Journeyman League as I blogged about it each week!

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