Warmachine Journeyman – Week 12

This week was the final week of the Journeyman league, so it was the last chance to get in points via painting or winning to get a shot at the Destroyer Award.  At 75 points, it’s a bit harder to get in multiple games, so I only planned on getting one game in, and, of course, I wanted to square off against Ian.  This game had a lot riding on it – if he beat me, he would definitely clinch the Destroyer Award with three or four Destroyer points.  On the other hand, if I won, I would have a good shot at getting a third Destroyer point and tying up the race to the finish.

Our lists and match detail after the jump:

Daniel’s Khadwarves (74 pts)

  • General Ossrum (28 WJpts)
    • Ghordson Driller (10 pts)
    • Grundback Blaster (6 pts)
    • Grundback Gunner (6 pts)
    • Grundback Gunner (6 pts)
    • Grundback Gunner (6 pts)
    • Wroughthammer Rockram (14 pts)
  • Brun Cragback (16 pts)
    • Lug
  • Hammerfall Siege Crawler (19 pts)
  • Horgenhold Artillery Corps (6 pts)
  • Thor Steinhammer (4 pts)
    • Ghordson Basher (9 pts)

Ian’s “Release the Kraken!” Cryx (75 pts)

  • Master Necrotech Mortenebra & Deryliss (24 WJpts)
    • Deathripper (6 pts)
    • Kraken (36 pts)
    • Reaper (13)
    • Slayer (10)
  • Black Ogrun Boarding Party (minimum unit – 7 pts)
  • Captain Rengrave (5 pts)
  • Pistol Wraith (5 pts)
  • Revenant Crew of the Atramentous (maximum unit – 17 pts)

This game started with us both being pretty defensive.  I moved forward and closed my ‘jack wall in front of the objective, while Ian moved up and took cover behind the large piece of terrain in the center of the board.  From there, my artillery took a few pot shots at the right side of the table, while Brun, Lug, Thor, and the Basher harassed anything poking outside the left.  Ian sent his Pistol Wraith to see about doing some damage to my backline, while trying to figure out a strategy to get himself into an advantageous position.  By the bottom of turn two though, we both realized this was a stalemate.  In both of our cases, if we went on the offensive, we would most likely lose – If I went around either side of the terrain, Ian would get a charge on my flank and most likely kill my caster or my objective.  On the other hand, if Ian tried to take down my ‘jack wall, he’d get through the front line (which was designed to fold) and my counter-charge would disassemble his army.  So…  …We waited it out and just took the draw.  In the end, I took out his Pistol Wraith and Deathripper (and killed a bunch of his Atramentous Crew, but they all came back), and I managed to do so without suffering any casualties.

As it was the last week to do so, I decided I would go ahead and paint General Ossrum so that I would have a shot at the Creator Award.  For this league, we decided that the Creator Award would be a blind vote for the best battlegroup of at least zero points.  General Ossrum was the last thing I needed to do for this, and he also earned me a win for painting a model this week:


I’ll be honest, I’m not completely happy with how he turned out (the burgundy didn’t pop as much as I had hoped), so I will likely be going back to do some detail work at a later date.  Still, I have a full battlegroup to submit, so it should be fun!

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