Warmachine Journeyman – Week 8

Last week I didn’t win a single game, so I was really torn this week as to whether I wanted to change up my list a bit or nail it down and move forward.  I had the chance to do this because our shop is doing something a little different with our Journeyman league: Since we are doing two-week blocks with especially new players, it made sense to allow everyone to experiment during the first week of the block and then lock everything down during the second week.  After thinking it over, and looking at my block five and six options, I decided to stick with it.  Also, I would have been really disappointed to let go of Thor.

This week, I managed to get in a single game against Harry’s Circle Orboros:

Daniel’s Khadwarves (43 pts)

  • General Ossrum (28 WJpts)
    • Grundback Blaster (6 pts)
    • Ghordson Driller (10 pts)
    • Grundback Gunner (6 pts)
    • Grundback Gunner (6 pts)
    • Wroughthammer Rockram (14 pts)
  • Brun Cragback (16 pts)
    • Lug
  • Thor Steinhammer (4 pts)
    • Ghordson Basher (9 pts)

Harry’s Circle Orboros (50 pts)

  • Tanith the Feral Song (31 WBpts)
    • Gorax Rager (7 pts)
    • Pureblood Warpwolf (17 pts)
    • Wild Argus (7 pts)
    • Wold Guardian (17 pts)
    • Woldwarden (16 pts)
    • Woldwyrd (9 pts)
  • Sentry Stone & Mannikins (5 points)
  • Shifting Stones (3 points)

Harry’s mix of wolds and living models makes for a very challenging match.  He’s got the hard hitting Pureblood Warpwolf, while also having the Wold Guardian to stay back and protect his caster, a difficult duo!  Initially, I flanked with Brun and Lug, while also trying to get Thor and the Basher around the other side of the objective, while Harry worked his stones down the field and used his Gorax and Guardian to intercept Thor.  I think game, I think I did better at keeping Ossrum in the backfield, away from Tanith’s ability to wreck my day with spells, however Thor and the Basher were a bit more out of position than I would have liked.  On my feat turn, I didn’t really take anything out, which was a severe problem, as the Warpwolf took out Brun (using Ghostly to disengage), and the Wold Guardian took his place beside Tanith’s side to protect from ranged attacks.  Luckily, I had some spray attacks (I never thought I would say that).  The Grundback Blaster managed to get a hit in, and Tanith had only a few hit points left.  I needed to get rid of the Woldwarden that was holding up my Wroughthammer Rockram to get some melee attacks in (he had only one hit point left!), but the only thing in range was…  …Thor?  Thor Steinhammer did one better though, and managed to deal insane damage to Tanith with his spray while he was at it bringing me the game.  This game was really tough, but super fun, and brought me to 1 win and 2 losses for the block.


This time, I was very short on time to do painting, so I decided to get my Grundback Blasters painted.  They had won me the game this time after all.


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