Warmachine Journeyman – Week 6

This week was a very busy week at the Rogue’s Roost, so I only got a single game in.  However, I wasn’t expecting to get any Warmachine time in this week, so I was very happy to get what I got.  My opponent was Harry and Megan, and I got the chance to play a full 25 point game against Circle Orboros:

Daniel’s Khadwarves (25 pts)

  • General Ossrum (28 WJpts)
    • Ghordson Basher (9 pts)
    • Grundback Blaster (6 pts)
    • Ghordson Driller (10 pts)
    • Grundback Gunner (6 pts)
    • Grundback Gunner (6 pts)
  • Brun Cragback (16 pts)
    • Lug

Harry’s Circle Orboros (25 pts)

  • Tanith the Feral Song (31 WBpts)
    • Gorax Rager (7 pts)
    • Pureblood Warpwolf (17 pts)
    • Wild Argus (7 pts)
    • Woldwarden (16 pts)
    • Woldwyrd (9 pts)

Since we’re in week 3 of the Journeyman league, this game was an objective game – our goal was to get our warjacks/warbeasts within the building at the center (approximately the size of the normal objective zone, we decided to round down a little and make it interesting).  Harry’s first turn set him up at the doorway to the building, so, I set up my Driller just outside so that charge lanes would be blocked by the building’s pillars, meanwhile, I cast some upkeeps on my gunners (as usual) and maneuvered them around to prepare some shots.  Unfortunately, the Woldwyrd took good advantage of the upkeep spells to get three boosted shots into my little ‘jack – ouch!  From here out, there would be a lot of maneuvering, just trying to keep out of range of Arcane Suppression was something of an issue for both Brun, Lug, and Ossrum.  At the end of the day, I had managed to score a single control point, before it was time to take out Tanith, which Lug did with his Bear Hands.  This brought my total score for week 5/6 to three wins and no losses!

I also managed to get a painted model in this time around.  As expected, I painted up both of my Grundback Gunners – the newest warjacks to join the Khadwarves.


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