Fully Painted Aquan Armada

Last weekend, I was able to complete one of the projects on my 2016 goals list – I painted all of my Aquan Prime ships for Firestorm Armada.  It’s been a very fun project, and I’m glad to have it finally completed.

Pictures after the jump.

Aquan Armada 1
Aquan Armada 2

Aquan Armada 3Aquan Armada 4Aquan Armada 5
Aquan Armada 6Aquan Armada 7

Generally, I was quite happy with how they turned out.  Though I’m not an expert painter, the tie-dye look and color blending turned out as well as could be expected.

Really though, I’m very excited to have a completely painted army of something.  In a way, I’m glad it’s my Firestorm Armada army, as I just really love the game, the models, and the ideas; even if it’s a game that I don’t really get to play.  In the future, I have more Firestorm Armada models to paint – the other allies of the Alliance of Kurak, and even some more Aquans on the way.  I’m not sure that I’ll prioritize these all the same as I did my existing Aquan force (I do have other things to do, such as my Tau), but we’ll see how it goes.

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