The Wulfen Guard

Once I got the basic Kingdom Death: Monster stuff ready to go for my game at the shop, it was time to break out my paints and do some painting for my Thanksgiving Warhammer 40K army.  Specifically, I recently added three new werewolves to Leeman Russ’s Wulfen Guard unit, so I wanted to get them painted up and looking sharp.

Pictures of the full unit after the jump.

wulfen_1wulfen_2 wulfen_3wulfen_4

One of the things I love about this unit is that, even though the models are from Privateer Press’s Hordes line, they look so darn good in Space Wolf colors.  I also did quite a bit of modding on the three in the front to give them a bit of variety in equipment – it’s probably not difficult to notice the seams (especially on the guy with the banner — for whom I also forgot to paint his toenails apparently).  Still, it was a super-fun project, and I’m looking forward to them hitting the table this fall.

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