Leeman Russ Unbound

You didn’t actually think I’d work on painting the Wulfen Guard without also painting Leeman Russ did you?  This is my second shot at designing, building, and painting a Leeman Russ model, and while his rules aren’t done yet, I’m happy with how the rest turned out.

As usual, pictures after the jump.



Compared to the Wulfen Guard, this model was actually easier to paint and assemble – even with the addition of the cloak.  One reason for this is that the Wulfen Guard are all metal models (with the exception of some of the extra bits that I added), so they are heavy and fragile.  On the other hand, this model is all plastic and doesn’t have a lot of fiddly bits, so it both light and easy to move around.  It also has fewer paint colors and small details, so there was significantly less brush-swapping.

In terms of the cape, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  The shape is basically what I was looking for, and I feel that from a distance, it captures what I was shooting for.  I know that if I had tried to green-stuff it myself, it would have not looked as good, so, for me at least, I think the choice of felt and yarn was the way to go.

For this project, I’ll be shifting my focus to see about getting some rules together, though I’m not in a huge rush to do that.

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