Imperial Knight Assembled

For Christmas this year, the family that I play Warhammer 40k with every year (Cody, Ian, and uncle Clayton) pitched together to get me an Imperial Knight kit.  As the epitome of the walker, this has been on my list for a while, but I’ve never managed to pull the trigger.  Getting one from these guys though, was exceptionally special, and was pretty amazing.  So…  …I managed to get it built, and there is one big picture after the jump.


I knew immediately when I started putting this together, that I would want to magnetize it.  I spent a fair amount of time strategizing how to do so before I glued the first pieces together, and I was glad that I did.  There are some obvious, and not-so-obvious places for magnets, and, in the end, I was pretty happy about how it turned out.

I may have to try again with the pictures once it’s painted…  …I was hoping to do the multiple Knights in a single frame like I did with my magnetized warjack (back in 2010 – if you can remember back that far), but I’m not convinced this picture turned out as well.  I don’t know if it was the slight change in brightness or the lack of definition in the background, but it looks too easily staged.  Ah, well, I’ll try for better next time.

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