Dream: Shadowrun Heist

In this dream, I’ve got a third-person perspective on your typical Shadowrun heist.  Even though it’s third person, and I’m not there, I’m part of a team – we’ve got our muscle, breaking and entering specialist, decker, and one other guy that no one really knows what he does.  We’re breaking into a building to steal some expensive goods from some mega-corporation.  This time though, there’s also a second team. 

The target is an electronics R&D department.  It’s a one-man operation out in the middle of nowhere, but he’s the idea guy, and the technical genius behind the good stuff.  The heist takes place during some sort of Civil War festival; we keep seeing these Civil War soldiers walk by, and we realize that this guy is Civil War buff and that that is our opening.  He will be attending the main event of this festival, so we can get in while he’s out.

The decker has created body suits that give an all-around sensor suite which, while the team is wearing them, he can use to “see” everything inside.  The team drops the body suits through a hatch in the top of his underground base/home/workshop and prepares the escape route through the same hatch.  Then, down they go.  The decker warns them that the second team is waiting (he was able to pick them up during the suits after the drop).  Donning the suits (they look like TRON suits, the muscle’s is blue, B&E’s is yellow, and the other guy’s is green), they start the game of cat-and-mouse with the second team.  Our team is trying to secure the objective (even though we don’t know what it is) without getting caught by the second team and also getting it before them.

During the search, the decker spots a high-end crytpo-card from B&E’s suit camera  and she is able to slip the device out of its locker and into a pocket in her suit (I didn’t realize these suits had pockets).  Then, the team makes it towards the escape hatch.

As the muscle is pulling the team up the escape hatch, he runs into the second team.  At some point, they found our escape hatch, and decided that instead of trying to find the device themselves, they would just steal it from us.  At the top of the hatch, they demand the device or they’ll cut the rope.  “There’s no way you can hold up three people and still get out!”  The muscle refuses to give up the device, and the other team is eventually forced to close the hatch and run off.

The muscle manages to pull himself up and leave through the hatch.  He wasn’t holding up three people – it was just him.  B&E had found the second team’s escape plan and used that to get herself and the other guy out unseen.  We all meetup back at home base, and everyone talks about the awesome score, and jokes with the decker about ever getting undressed again.

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