Kingdom Death: Manhunter

In the next lantern year for my game at the Rogue’s Roost, we’ve got a special showdown with the Manhunter.  As such, he was the next model on my list to build for Kingdom Death: Monster.  Pictures after the jump.

Manhunter1 Manhunter2 Manhunter3

This model was pretty straightforward, and there are certain details that I didn’t notice until I was putting him together.  In particular, I didn’t notice quite how much he was quite so steeped in (pulp) Western.  The gallows and noose is the obvious point, but it is very well supported by the trap at his hip and the firearm he carries (somehow I missed the firearm until I started putting him together).  With these little touches, I’m actually quite excited to see how he fits into the world of Kingdom Death: Monster…

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