Kingdom Death: Dragon King

When I was thinking about the posts that I might make over the course of 2016, I didn’t really plan on this blog becoming a Kingdom Death: Monster blog.  But, I’ve got one more (for now) set of monster pictures to post.  This is the last of the monsters that we’re fighting for the shop settlement, and, since it was the Dragon King, I wanted to go ahead and put together the other models that came on the main sprue – the Dragon King in human form and the Dragon People (for the Dragon King campaign).

As usual, pictures after the jump.

Dragon King 1 Dragon King 2 Dragon People Dragon King All Tyrant

Even though we’re not doing the Dragon King Campaign, our settlement could use a few extra survivors, and I do like the look of these.  My next few construction projects are not from Kingdom Death, but when I come back to them, I plan on doing a few more survivors (I have some promo survivors that I want to put together).

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