Mind Control Dreams

Last night, I had two separate dreams all centered around groups of people being mentally controlled.  Both were terrifying.

The Night Club

In my first dream, I was in some sort of club with a friend.  He owned the club, and we were working with various creative types (musicians, primarily).  I remember my friend getting very frustrated that he wasn’t getting what he wanted, and it was at that point that I realized something was wrong.  It had seemed natural up until that point that everyone always did as he said, without question.  In fact, at the point of his highest frustration, he told no one in particular to take the creative types upstairs and shoot them.  Some folks seized them and took them upstairs to oblige; the creatives didn’t put up a fight.

I followed them upstairs, trying to figure out how I could stop them.  This was a thought that I had latched on to, which seemed odd to me at the time – doing something counter to my friends wants seemed unnatural.  I tried to talk to the other people, to stop them, to make them see that they were under his control.  I failed.

Later in the evening, I tried talking to my friend.  I told him that I was no longer under his sway, and that he should release the others; I told him that mental control was not the way.  He didn’t know what I was talking about, didn’t know anything about mental controls.  I remember being very disturbed that he had such tight mental reigns on the people around him, and didn’t even know.  Then, I thought for a terrible moment, that maybe I was the one in control…

The Office Supplies

I’m in a school as an office worker.  My friend and I work to ensure that office supplies and equipment get distributed as needed.  It’s not exactly glorious work, but, hey, someone’s got to do it.  The first thing I remember is a bunch of printers shrink-wrapped on the floor of the storage area – my friend and I wonder why we would have gotten so many printers, they were certainly unneeded.  It turned out printers weren’t the only thing that we had way to much of, but how did we get them?  This question is the point when I realized something was wrong.  When we asked around, everyone just said that the manager wanted them, and no one considered that odd.

We went to go talk to the manager, at the very least to find out what was going on.  She tells us that she doesn’t care about the printers, and to go away.  We make it as far as the schoolyard before we realize that her compulsion to “go away” was so strong we didn’t even question it.  She clearly had some sort of mental control over the people in her vicinity, which was very strong when near her.   We decided that we shouldn’t go back, but I don’t remember where we ended up…

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