Kingdom Death: Spidicules

For my Kingdom Death campaign at the shop, we’re using Spidicules (replaces Screaming Antelope), Lion God, Dragon King, and Manhunter as our expansions.  As I result, I had some assembling to do – pictures of the Spidicules after the jump.

Spidicules1 Spidicules2 Spidicules3

Spidicules4The Spidicules model itself was pretty reasonable to put together; the Baby Spidicules models though…  …They were a bit more painful.  All told, the small models were 15 pieces each, and they were small pieces.  Instead of building them like I like to (one whole model at a time), I ended up assembly lining them after the first one was complete – it was the only way to keep myself sane.  My main worry is how I’m going to store and transport the main model – It’s pretty large and gangly.  After having picked it up to show it off a number of times now, I’m pretty confident of its stability though, so at least it has that going for it.

One other side-note about this model in particular – there were some issues with the packing that left most backers with a duplicate sprue – I ended up with this issue.  Luckily, I was able to connect with the community and find someone to trade with who had duplicates of the other sprue and needed the one that I had duplicated.  While this could have been a difficult moment, it was good to have a community to reach out to and work with.

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