Kingdom Death: Monster Models

I recently finished putting together all the base-game monsters and the knight expansion monsters for Kingdom Death: Monster.  They’re not painted yet, but there are pictures after the jump.

KDM - monstersKDM - all

As I mentioned in my comparison by plastic post, I was quite impressed with how well these went together.  Even though the Phoenix had a ton of little hand pieces, it still felt pretty good to put together.

The only one that really annoyed me was the Dung Beetle Knight – I started having flashbacks to the old metal Man-O-War Shocktroopers.  For reasons that aren’t really clear to me, the pieces just didn’t really fit together as well on that model, and there were some annoying gaps where the shoulders met the body.  It was also a bit irritating that the antennae didn’t have dedicated spots to attach to – I really felt like they should have.

My favorite models to put together were probably the Phoenix and the Flower Knight.  The Phoenix, because of its size and complexity, was a neat model to put together and had a lot of very cool details that you get to notice only after putting it together.  On the other hand, the Flower Knight was small, but not finicky, and actually went together relatively easily (I put it together without a guide even).

The base game plus the knights are the monsters that my wife and I decided on for our campaign, so it’s cool to see them all ready.  For my Sunday game at the shop, we decided on Spidicules, Lion God, and Manhunter, so those will be my next builds.  The survivors pictured are the only ones I have completed; I haven’t even started on any of the armor kits…  …It’s certainly on my list, but a little further down the line.

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