Organizing Kingdom Death: Monster

I took the opportunity the other day re-organize my Kingdom Death: Monster box.  As is typical, the main issue was that the insert didn’t really support sleeved cards.  However, instead of not fitting the length of the cards as is typical, the KD:M insert wasn’t really set up to hold the additional girth of the cards, so the specialized sections didn’t work anymore.  The neat thing though is that KD:M came with card dividers, so I didn’t actually have to make specialized tabs!

Pictures of the completed project after the jump.

KDM Organized 3KDM Organized 2KDM Organized 1

For this project, I wanted to do something a little fancy, so I made my dividers out of 12 3/8″ x 3″ x 1/16″ bass wood.  These were tall enough (3″) to be above the card dividers, and would be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the board and other things I wanted to put on top.  I organized the various monsters on the right, with all the other standard-sized cards on the left.  The gear cards took a little bit more work, as I trimmed the bass wood down to 2 1/2″ – to make the cards easier to reach.  I considered trimming the dividers to 2 1/2″ as well, but decided not to for now.  I filled the gap between the two groups of cards with the rulebooks, settlement cards (events and locations), and tokens (in the only piece I saved from the insert) – these were the heaviest things left and fit nicely.

On top, I use the last of the sprue holder to make a tray for everything else.  This holds all the boards and terrain pieces (in a gallon ziploc).  Using ribbon, I made lifts for the top-matter so that I could easily lift it out of the box to reach the cards.  I decided I wasn’t going to worry about getting the models in the box – I’ve got room in the rest of my gaming space for assembled models.

This seems to be working reasonably well, with the main caveat being that it still takes up a lot of space.  For our game the other night, setting up the game used the entirety of our 4’x6′ dining table as well as space on the island for the box and rule books…

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