Tabs for High Command

Over the weekend, I finally got the chance to organize and compress my Warmachine and Hordes High Command games. I organized it using my normal tabs (surprise!) and managed to fit all the cards into one large box and one small box.

Here’s a picture of the finished box:

High Command Tabs

I’ve organized it so that the Winds of War, Location, Warcaster, and Basic Resource cards are in the small box, while the large box holds all the faction deckbuilding cards. The tabs organize the cards by game, faction, then color (so all the Warmachine stuff is in the left column, Faith and Fortune in the middle, and Hordes on the right). It turned out that each faction and scenario had an even number of tabs (each faction has eight, and each scenario has two – Winds of War and Location). This makes the tabs pretty mobile, so long as you want to keep the factions together – I honestly considered having all the factions set alphabetically rather than by game since they are all technically interchangeable.

As I mentioned previously, my main motivation for this was that three boxes dedicated to High Command was a bit much since it was clear that they should be able to fit in less. Also, the inserts for this game didn’t really support sleeved cards, so they had to go. On the flip side, having so many cards in the box makes this a very heavy box (well, for its size). To be fair, it is a solid block of paper and plastic…

If you want to print your own set of tabs, you can find PDFs for each of the High Command games here.

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