Looking Forward into 2016

Just as I looked back at 2015, I am also looking forward into 2016. I’m not really a goals-oriented person, but I wanted to write down some of the things that I want to do in 2016. Of course, life changes, so I’m not sure I can really levee these as expectations of my future self, but they are things that I plan to make time for this year.

Finish a Game Design Project

Last year, I started and completed Ticket to Ride: Iceland. This year, I want to complete another project and get it printed. I have a couple of smaller projects that I have designed from the ground up that I could finally get printed, or, alternately, I may make myself a copy of Dune. In either case, I want to create something cool this year.

Read and Write

I’ve got a pattern now that allows me to make time to both read and write; all I have to do is keep it up. It’s a big deal for me to say that I’m going to blog twice a week every week next year, but that’s what I want to do. I also want to keep reading, getting new ideas, and learning new things, so I plan on making time to read as well (which should also help fuel my blog).


My goal for 2016 is to role-play more than I did in 2015… …Which isn’t saying much. Still, this is a major hobby of mine that has shaped a large part of how I structure my life, I should be role-playing more. For 2016, my major goal is to keep up the writing, and role-playing will be subservient to that goal. Still, I plan to build some habits to make it so that I can role-play more often.

Painting and Assembling Models

I have a backlog of models to build, but I have an even larger backlog of models to paint (even if I don’t plan on painting all my models). In 2016, I want to assemble the Warhammer models that I didn’t complete last year (I’m looking at you, Stormtalon Gunship and Fenrisian Wolves) while also getting Leeman Russ put together. I also have some WarmaHordes buildup that I should be putting together so that my Circle and Searforge Commission armies look more fully fleshed out.

In terms of painting, I have a couple of primary goals. First, I want to have a fully painted Aquan armada this year. I’ve been plugging along at this for a while, but it’s fair to say that painting my Firestorm Armada ships is the thing that I enjoy the most, so I want to do more of that. Second, I want to get Leeman Russ and his retinue painted for the big Thanksgiving game. I want to have a centerpiece model for this year’s game that looks good (and I feel like I missed out on that last year). Other painting may happen, but it’ll be gravy – I’ll see how that goes.

Website Unification

In the past I’ve had a website that all looked cohesive… …I don’t have that right now, and I miss it. I’ve started on this task a little bit, but I want to complete it. I don’t have time carved out for this, or a solid deadline, like some of the other things on this list, so we’ll see, but I feel the need to write it down and remember that, yes, I want to do this thing.

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