New Netrunner Tabs

On the tail end of my Thanksgiving vacation, I decided I was going to make new tabs for my Android Netrunner game. For this tab setup, I wanted to divide the cards out by faction, but also by card type so that I could easy find cards that I was interested in.

Here’s a picture of the final product:

Netrunner Tabs CorpNetrunner Tabs Runner

And the files that I used to print them are located here – feel free to make yourself a set!

This is one of those awesome cases where the tech that I built really paid off. In particular, I intentionally built the tab generator for the Pathfinder ACG to be general and reusable. In working on this project, most of the time was spent fiddling around with how I wanted the art to look and what I actually wanted on the tabs rather than printing them out and actually making them. All told, I think I spent about four hours on this project – three hours getting the artwork and colors that I wanted and creating the tabs so that they looked nice (to my eye), 15 minutes printing/laminating all the sheets, 15 minutes cutting with the paper cutter, and about a half-hour with the scissors cutting out the piece that I couldn’t do on the paper cutter (2 cuts per tab).

I’m also working on a new section on my site that will contain these kinds of things (tabs, cards for Arkham Horror scenarios, and other game aids), so hopefully that will be coming up soon.

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