Looking back at 2015: Part 2

Health, Work, and Life Balance

Over the course of 2015, I feel like I have been able to improve my healthy habits better than I ever have. I’m exercising more, eating better, and generally taking better care of my body. While my habits and work are still mostly sedentary in nature (and I don’t expect that to change), I feel better about the time that I take to be healthier, even if it cuts into all those things.

As with most people my age, my job takes up most of my time, but I still love what I do. I work with great people, I get to do cool things, and I feel good about the work that I do at the end of the day. I don’t know that I have anything more to say here that I haven’t already said – it’s good.

Balancing a job that I love that also wants more time than I have to give is difficult, but I feel like as the year comes to a close, it’s better. There was a lot of drama, stress, and depression in my life in 2015, but by the end of the year, it seems to have settled down a bit. My life has fallen into some positive, familiar patterns and I’m happy with that. I sometimes worry that I’m not spending enough time with Jessa, but she’s got a lot going on as well, and the time we do spend together is generally very good.

The biggest life patterns that I’ve gotten into is a weekly game day with Ian at the Rogue’s Roost in Loveland and a monthly game day at my house with a larger contingent of friends. The weekly game day is great because it gets me out of the house and doing some more social things, which is fun. It’s also becoming an outlet to do some role-playing, which I have very much been looking forward to. The monthly game day is a great time – I love the fact that it’s at my house and I can host for all of my friends. There is always good games, good company, and we usually grab food afterward, which makes for an all-around great time.

Reading and Writing

I’ve definitely read more in 2015 than I have the last couple of years. A lot of this is how I structured my time, and simply making time to read. That would have seemed an odd thing to say 10 years ago, as I always just had time to read, I didn’t have to make time to read. Doing so has helped a lot though, so I feel encouraged.

I’m also happy that I was able to revitalize my blog this year. I sometimes forget how much I just love writing – it’s something I miss when I don’t have it, but I don’t really remember why. It may be that no one really reads my blog, but, for me, the joy is in the writing.


I got to do less role-playing in 2015 compared to previous years, but certainly haven’t given up on the hobby. I started backing Gamerstable formally this year, and I’ve found that I really enjoy the community that they have built. It constantly reminds me that I should be role-playing, and provides ideas, resources, and motivation to keep that hobby alive. I also managed to get one game started (It’s an Iron Kingdoms role-playing game), and I’m optimistic to see where it goes.

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