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I’ve been working on three major box organization efforts in the last few weeks. First, I’ve been trying to get my Galaxy Defenders boxes under control – with two new expansions and a ton of promo materials, there is a lot to organize. Second, I’ve been working through consolidation of my Dominion boxes – I have five boxes of Dominion (one of which is a “big box” holding the base game and two expansions), and this takes up a lot of room on my gaming shelf. Lastly, I have the Pathfinder ACG box that I’m redesigning to have tabs – I talked about this a little already, but I’m also working on a mechanism where I can make new tabs a bit more easily.

I have a few other efforts that I’ve been working on, but they are much more minor, so I’m going to kick off with those in this post, and cover the major reorganizations in posts of their own.

Rune Age

I really enjoy the Terrinoth universe. While I don’t necessarily grab everything just for the sake of having it, I’ve been intrigued by Rune Age for a while. This seemed to be Fantasy Flight’s entrance into the online deck-building genre, and, as I’ve enjoyed deck-building games and Terrinoth, I finally got around to picking it up (and its expansion).

Rune Age is a particular kind of box organization challenge because the box is quite small. The main challenge is that it’s too low to store cards horizontally, so any organization has to hold them flat. In working through the options, I felt pretty comfortable that the best one was to use deck boxes. The two common decks will get 40mm boxes, while the gold I plan to make 30mm (no reason to make it taller than needed). I plan to make each of the faction decks 20mm and stack them to finish up the main box. All the events, unfortunately, won’t fit in the main box with this setup, so I relegated them to the very small expansion box – which has just enough room to fit two stacks of cards (without deck boxes).

Android: Netrunner

I have two core boxes for Android: Netrunner – one is dedicated to corp cards and the other is solely runner cards. I currently have it organized by faction, and then by card type, but I only have tabs for each faction. The tabs that I have are only index cards (and not alternating) and they pretty well fell over the first time I closed the box.

My new goal for this box is to make tabs like I did for the Pathfinder ACG (more on this later), and tab out factions and card type, to make everything easy to find and replace. Additionally, I plan on making “stilts” for the box so that the box lid does not sit right on top of the tabs and bend them over.

High Command

I have all three of the Iron Kingdoms High Command games (Warmachine, Warmachine: Faith and Fortune, and Hordes), and while I currently have them in their original box with the inserts, they don’t actually fit correctly. So, my goal s to reorganize and condense (if possible, which I suspect it will be). My goal is to get all three games into one box, but I’ll settle for two if that’s not possible. I suspect that I’ll use tabs again here – by faction and by color – but I’m going to look around to see what other people are doing. One of the nice things about this game is that, as far as I can tell, it’s capped – there haven’t been any expansions for a while, and I haven’t heard that there will be more anytime soon.

Suddenly, being able to create tabs seems a bit like a hammer where organizing my card games looks like a nail. I’ll have to see if it actually works out best that way or if I am oversimplifying…

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