A Day in the Life: Part 1

There are no typical days, but my days have a pattern to them that make it so that I can expect what’s coming. As part of getting back into blogging, I wanted to write a bit about what that looks like. The next few posts might be incredibly boring to some, but maybe a few people will enjoy.

Morning Glory

For me, a typical day starts at 6:00am… …Sortof. One particularly bad habit I have been trying to kick is my morning battle with the alarm clock. It starts sounding at 6:00am, but I get a lot of use out of the nine minute snooze button, and I don’t actually fully wake up and get out of bed until around 6:45. Once I’m actually out of bed, the rest of my morning ritual is pretty pedestrian – get dressed, brush my hair and put it in a ponytail, and grab my cell phone off the charger. With the exception of grabbing my flannel and work bag, I’m essentially ready to go at this point, and it really takes me no more than about six minutes (which is why I have a tendency to sleep past my first alarm).

I almost always set out my work bag and flannel the night prior, so that it’s waiting for me in the morning. I travel pretty light – my Surface and a leisure book. Sometimes my current leisure reading material is an e-book, but lately it’s been a dead-tree edition. I don’t leave the house until 7:00am, so I mosey around a bit, and the last thing I do is put on my shoes. At 7:00am, I leave for the bus.

The walk to the stop takes ten minutes, and the bus leaves at 7:16. Getting there a bit early means that I don’t have to worry about missing it, and (since it’s the start of the route) I can typically get my choice of seats. I used to take this time to nestle up with a book, but these days this is the time I take to write. In either case, the bus ride is basically a time wormhole – I get on at 7:10 and get off at 7:47 and the time between doesn’t exist except in what I read or write.

The walk to the office is about five minutes, but lately I’ve been hitting the King Soopers to grab some fruit of some kind to add to my breakfast. In either case, I’m always to the office ahead of 8:00am, at which point, I make my breakfast (oatmeal) and prepare for the rest of my day.

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