Mosaic-a-Week: Gruul Keyrune, Gruul Signet

gruul-keyrune-1gruul-signet-1When I sit back and thinking about the Gruul guild, it makes me think about how I never really got into competitive Magic. Those to things may seem a bit disconnected, but when I think of Gruul, I think of “Red/Green Aggro”, and the various meta-game conversations I have overhead from my friends who still play. While it may not be the case that Gruul epitomizes this concept, it’s still the thing that jumps to mind, and why I’m rushing two new mosaics to you today: Gruul Keyrune and Signet.

When I was first thinking about putting together the Gruul Signet, I was mortified, that it would turn out to be just a tan blob, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looked pretty reasonable. I was also happy with how the Keyrune turned out – when it’s shrunk down, you can actually make out a few bit of the features.


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