Mosaic-a-Week: Dimir Keyrune, Dimir Signet

orzhov-keyrune-1orzhov-signet-1When I started getting back into Magic: the Gathering, it was in the midst of the Ravnica block. However, I still brought with me all of my old preconceptions about what the color pie meant. For me, Black meant Evil, which was all fine and dandy – I didn’t play it that much anyway. Then I figured out that the Dimir was really good at hand manipulation, and I was intrigued. I found myself really liking their flavor, especially as it related to Izzet’s draw stuff – it was really hard to resist drawing a bunch of cards, then forcing my opponent to discard. I think the Dimir flavor is my favorite flavor of black, so, today, I bring you the Dimir Keyrune and Signet as your mosaics!

I’m not really sure what this keyrune is, but it has a vaguely human shape, which is a bit odd. It reminds me a lot of the Darksword, which was also likened to a human shape…


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