Mosaic-a-Week: Boros Keyrune, Boros Signet

boros-keyrune-1boros-signet-1I like the Boros guild. I think part of it is my lawful side, part of it is the soldier bent that I liked from white of days passed, and part of it is just that they are fun (and a good draft choice). So, even though they are the last of the guilds that I’m doing for my tour of Ravnica, know that they are right up there with Izzet and Azorius as my top three. Here’s the last keyrune and signet mosaic!

Looking back at all the signets and keyrunes, I think I like how the signets turned out better than the keyrunes. This is true of the Boros Signet as well – it’s “flashy” look with large swaths of very different colors makes it very good mosaic material, and I think it shows. Stay tuned next time for more mosaics, and certainly let me know if you have any suggestions!


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