Voices From the Past…

…Like 15 Years ago. Or maybe just a week, we’ll see. At any rate, I’m out of town this week with no access to the Internet, so I had to publish something early (since Jessa broke the news about my blog early). Originally I had planned on getting all this up the week after Thanksgiving so that I could keep up with my promise of “at least once a week” without missing the first week after launch. Plus, I figured I could get a buffer going just in case things got dicey. Well, none of that, so instead I am checking out the delayed publish feature of pivot and bringing you something slightly different from the norm.

After starting up this blog, I ended up browsing some of my old blog posts (my old blog being something altogether different), mostly feeling a bit nostalgic. After thinking it over, I thought it might be interesting to post some of those old posts here. I don’t plan on this being a regular affair, but it reminded me of why I went off and wrote my other blog.


Well, here it is, my first entry. Some of you may wonder what this is all about, why I went through all the trouble of creating my own secure journal software. Well there are a couple of reasons really:

  1. I haven’t free written in quite some time. I didn’t realize just how much I enjoyed doing that for my mythology class (Spring 2002) and I decided I wanted to pick it up again. I guess I could have simply gotten a notebook and written in there on a daily basis, but I wanted something that I could share with my friends who might want to read such things as I would write. This seemed an easy enough way, and is slightly less volatile to boot. Sure, this won’t last forever, but, before it goes, I plan on backing it up to my HD and maybe printing out a good portion of it to go into my notebook of freewrites.
  2. I decided that I wanted a slightly different atmosphere than what I have established for my rant page. I will save my long, over-thought philosophical, rants (a.k.a. monologues on slightly controversial philosophical topics) for my rant page. This will mostly contain off-the-cuff writings and freewrites on whatever comes to mind at the moment.
  3. I needed something to keep me busy while I had the house to myself.

So, here is the product of my boredom, oddity, and well, just about anything else you want to attribute to me: My Web Journal.

Have Fun

Funny – my motivations haven’t changed all that much, even though this post is a little over 5 years old.

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