A Lone Dire Avenger

A while back, my brother gave me an Eldar Dire Avenger to assemble and paint for his army.  It took me longer than it should have to get it back to him, but I did manage it in early January.  I, of course, took pictures, but for some reason I’m just now getting around to getting them here on my blog: Continue reading

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The Notebook

At the end of my Moulin Rouge! review, I said that I likely would have enjoyed The Notebook more than Moulin Rouge!.  To test out this theory, I borrowed The Notebook, and made the time to watch it.  Romance for its own sake is not really my genre (as I’m more used to love stories being embedded in some other genre), but it seemed worth a shot to see if I was movie savvy enough to enjoy such a movie if it was well executed.

To that point, it fell somewhat short of enjoyable, but kept itself above the threshold of painful.  For more, you’ll have to see my full review after the jump. Continue reading

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Ibb and Obb

I recently finished Ibb and Obb with my friend John as part of our regular Saturday morning gaming.  This one kind of came out of nowhere for me, as it’s hard to decode anything about the name.  It really delivers on the 2D puzzle-platforming genre though, and the two player cooperative element is really well polished.

A bit more about the good and bad of this one after the jump. Continue reading

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As part of a bunch of movies being tossed around the office, I ended up watching Frozen.  Disney animated movies haven’t been my movies of choice for quite some time, but I can see why they retain their popularity; Frozen was a decent little feel-good film whose themes rang true to me.

I’ve got spoilers on this one, but it’s a Disney animated film, so your mileage may vary. Continue reading

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Mean Girls Revenge Revenge – Moulin Rouge!

As revenge for my movie assignments, another movie came my way.  This time, it was Moulin Rouge!, and no, that exclamation point is not because I’m excited about this review.  It’s to make sure this movie from 2001 is differentiated from the 1952 and 1938 movies of the same name (without the exclamation point) and I’d rather not disparage a movie I’ve not seen.

Hold on tight, I have words to say about this one. Continue reading

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Grim Dawn

Over the weekend, I finished playing the main story for Grim Dawn.  I started this up again mainly because I found myself with enough time to make the next leg of my journey, and then I remembered how much fun it was.  I subsequently set aside the blocks of time to play it, and finish up each piece of the game.

Some talk about gameplay and story after the jump. Continue reading

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Mean Girls Revenge Part 2 – Dune (1984)

Troy was my second target for Mean Girls Revenge, as he helped instigate the meme-flinging.  I didn’t have to work very hard to get a movie for him, because he straight-up asked to borrow Dune.  When pressed for which version of Dune he would prefer, he asked for both, so I lent him both the 1984 movie (starring Sting, Kyle MacLachlan, and Patrick Stewart, Freddy Jones…) as well as the 2000 sci-fi channel mini-series (starring William Hurt). Continue reading

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Mean Girls Revenge Part 1 – Labyrinth

Having watched Mean Girls at the behest of a couple of my employees, it was time for me to get my revenge and assign them each a movie of mine to watch.  Since Mean Girls wasn’t a terrible movie, I honestly went looking for something they each might of liked. Continue reading

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Legacy Board Games

I recently played an Exit: The Game scenario, and I noticed that I had accidentally stumbled into playing a legacy game.  While the game itself was fun, it got me thinking about why this particular game mechanic annoys me so much, and, of course, the answer is much longer than can fit in a single sentence.

There shouldn’t be any spoilers after the jump, but you might find out how certain types of things work in certain legacy games… Continue reading

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Stranger Things 2

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been watching Stranger Things 2 with Elliot.  Like the first series, I feel like the second series really pulls off dark fantasy quite well.  There was a fair bit less mystery this season and a bit more reliance on the character dynamics to make the show work, but I thought it worked out well enough.

Standard spoiler warning applies – after the jump. Continue reading

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