Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 4

As the Grymkin headed back toward the Flagstone with their prize, the stone sword of Aelrik, they were intercepted by a small Cryxian force.  Knowing their precious cargo, they knew this battle needed to be decisive, before more foes arrived… Continue reading

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While I was on travel, and just before I got the flu for a week (hence, no blogging), I finished Mortalis, the “bridge” novel between the two Demonwars Trilogies.  This book is my favorite part of the Demonwars saga, and one of my favorite fantasy novels in general.  This is because of the range of emotions that it evokes, and, even though it has something of a complex plot, it has a simple message, and one that I appreciate.

I’ll be spoiling that after the jump. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 3

This week, as implied last time, I was paired against the Circle Orboros played by Harry.  The Grimkin followed Aelrik’s zombie to the resting place of his magical sword, and when they arrived, the Blackclads were waiting for them… Continue reading

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NISE Sea Ice Coasters

As part of my job, I see a lot of Earth science data, some of which is delivered to my email inbox daily.  Even though I’m not a geoscientist by training, I often find myself thinking of things to do with our data in my free time.  One such project was to make some coasters displaying the Near Real Time Ice and Snow Extent (NISE) imagery.

The details about how I prototyped and created these coasters after the jump. Continue reading

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Make Monsters

A couple weekends ago, I finished building all of the monsters and nemeses from Kingdom Death: Monster.  This has been on my backlog for a while, but since I didn’t need the models for the expansions my current campaign wasn’t using, they fell a bit further down on my backlog.  Putting together the models for my Grymkin, however, made me decide it was time to get the creepy dudes together.

Pictures after the jump. Continue reading

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Warmahordes Narrative League – Week 2

This week I was paired against Cidne’s Retribution of Scyrah, and our battle took us to the tomb of Aelrik outside of Old Korska.  Aelrik was a great ranger whose sword, gifted to him by his elven allies, protected him from magical attack.  It was said that the sword still existed and was, in fact, buried with him…  …If one could but locate his tomb. Continue reading

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EVE Online Alliance Tournament

Now that the Alliance Tournament is over, I wanted to take a step back and look at the teams that competed, and how everything came through.  I really want to do a long-term stat breakdown to better analyze the teams (it is my sport of choice after all), but in the meantime, this will just be my impressions and my picks for this year.

If you haven’t watched the finals yet, I am going to spoil some things – you have been warned. Continue reading

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WarmaHordes Narrative League – Week 1

This fall, The Rogue’s Roost is running a Warmachine/Hordes narrative league, and, for the league, I’ll be playing the Grymkin.  I picked up the army box and The Child when they came out, so I have a few models to get rolling with, and I’ve proxied a few to get a better feel for what I should bring in the future.  The first couple of games I’ve played have been focused on The Child and my new character solo for the league.

Lists and battle reports after the jump: Continue reading

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The Demon Apostle

Hot on the heels of finishing The Demon Spirit, I finished up The Demon Apostle by R. A. Salvatore.  Of the three books in the main trilogy, I like the character beats in The Demon Apostle the best, though some character beats were better than others.

Spoilers after the jump. Continue reading

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The Magnificent Riverboat

On my trip downRiver, I finished The Magnificent Riverboat, the next book in the Riverworld series.  This volume covered the story of Samuel Clemens and his building of an electric riverboat to travel upRiver to the source of the river.  I think Samuel Clemens moral compass made it a bit easier for me to be invested in the middle parts of the book (compared to Richard Burton), but this one was still a bit slow reading – details after the jump. Continue reading

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